Corn Rows

Cornrows are a hairstyle in which a multitude of raised hair braids are braided very close to the scalp in different designs. It’s a classical African hair style that has enjoyed great popularity in the United States.

Cornrows gives is a great look that is also easy to maintain. This style of braids are also very convenient for those who have longer hair and play sports; cornrows is the way to go to keep your hair from getting in your face so you can focus on your game.

You can get this for yourself by coming over to our hair salon; our stylists will be able to do a great job! This is just one example of the different styles with which we work. Hair braiding is our specialty, which means we can do just about every variety of it. Whether you want single braids, weaves, or kinky twists, we will be able to help.

Those who want cornrows or other hair extensions can get them by visiting us at JEM Beauty Supply & Salon in Stockton, CA.